Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps from Sweden, with an intelligent controller and online access.

Our offer of Heat Pumps:

- Air Source Heat pumps

These Heat Pumps gain energy

from the ambient air even under as

low temperatures as -22°C.

- Ground Source Heat Pumps

These Heat Pumps gain energy

from deep bores or from ground loops.

Solar Water Heating

The efficiency of solar energy transformation to

thermal one lies between 75 and 85%

for solar panels supplied by Regulus,

with the average annual efficiency

of 60-65%.

Regulus offers these solar collectors:
Flat plate solar collectors (panels)
Evacuated tube solar collectors

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation systems

ensure fresh air for a building,

minimizing heat loss due to ventilation

at the same time.

Our offer:

Whole house heat recovery ventilation units

Single room heat recovery ventilation units

About us/history

Regulus was founded in 1992 in Prague. Since then, a steady, purely Czech-owned company has been built that employs (together with its 2 filial companies) almost 120 excellent specialists and highly-qualified workers. The friendly atmosphere among our colleagues also has a very positive influence on the high quality of our products and services.

Trade Shows, Exhibitions

10. - 14.3. 2015

czISH - Frankfurt am Main

19.- 22.1. 2015

czInfotherma 2015

10.- 13.2. 2015

czAquaTherm - Nitra

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15 - 16.1.2015

We wish to inform you that from Thursday, Jan. 15 to Friday, Jan. 16 the annual stocktaking will be conducted in our warehouses and therefore no goods reception/delivery will be possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Regulus - Heat Pumps, Solar Water Heating


The New Green Savings Programme 2014 extended till December 31, 2014

The Ministry of the Environment postpones the deadline for applications to the New Green Savings Programme till the end of this year.

How to apply to NGS Programme


New Sicurflex Gas Pipes

New easily shapeable pipes made of stainless steel with yellow PE coating, for gas, are the latest addition to our offer.

New Sicurflex Gas Pipes


IR 12 Intelligent Controller

We have prepared for you a catalogue of hydraulic variants newly preset in an IR 12 KRB Controller.

IR 12 Intelligent Controller

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