What are controllers and what are they good for?

Heating controllers are designed to control operation of heating and solar systems . They enable economic but comfort and safe operation of systems with various heat sources. We offer a whole range of controllers, from simple models that control simple systems to controllers capable of controlling large systems or systems with more heat sources and more appliances, e.g. underfloor and radiator heating systems, DHW and pool heating. They control efficient use of advanced heat sources like solar systems, heat pumps, hydronic fireplace inserts, wood fired and traditional boilers and combinations of all the mentioned.

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Solar controllers

Solar controllers are intended to control operation of solar systems using data on temperatures in solar system or storage water heater or other heating appliances. Depending on the data, a solar cotroller switches or even controls the speed of a solar pump and controls DHW heating, or space/pool heating respectively.

All controllers involve safety functions that prevent storage tank overheating and limit the possibility of solar system overheating. This makes a solar system operation effective, safe and its service life extended.

Basic models enable control of solar systems with one solar array and one storage tank .

More advanced models can control several solar arrays, several appliances (storage tanks, pool, accumulation tank for heating etc.), they are able to reduce pump speed (even of a low-energy one) for better use of solar energy under less sunshine, to control tank backup heating from another source, they make possible connecting a flow meter for precise heat measurement, connecting other modules, enable online system monitoring via internet or controller setup directly from a computer and many other functions.

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Controllers for solar systems and heating

Beside the solar functions they also control a heating system, keeping the right heating water temperature based on data on the outdoor (or also indoor) temperature and a preset time program. They control operation of other heat sources, DHW heating, pool heating and multiple heating circuits. The maximum utilization of solar systems , heat pumps and other economic heat sources is reached while thermal comfort is maintained.

Some models enable remote acces via internet or just from a computer, have an integrated web server, memory card slot, enable connection of further extension modules and many other functions.

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Heating controllers

All controllers in our offer work with the Outside Temperature Compensation (OTC) method of temperature control. The controllers monitor the outdoor temperature and use the value for calculating the right heating water temperature. The system reaction to temperature fluctuations is quick and the control is more precise and economic. A room unit can be wired to any of the controllers, monitoring the room temperature and modifying the heating water temperature accordingly. The desired room temperature can be reduced or increased comfortably using such a room unit.

Basic models can control a mixing valve and a system circulation pump , other models can switch a boiler, heat DHW, while the highest controller models are capable of controlling more heat sources, more heating circuits, DHW and a pool as well.

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